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Digital Marketing Strategies for Exporters

We love creating dedicated regional and super-regional digital marketing strategies for New Zealand exporters seeking clever international expansion.

The Internet has opened new markets for New Zealand businesses; opportunities to connect with new found wholesalers or directly with customers has meant ‘Made in New Zealand’ can be found in all corners of the globe.  But this level playing field means your website needs to be working smarter than your competitors in order to be noticed.

Ever searched for your brand name in Google while overseas? You might be surprised to find that your domain name isn’t found in the search results.  This is because Google may not believe your site has relevancy to users abroad.  If your brand name can’t be found, then its even more unlikely you’ll be discovered for non-brand search queries either.

panoptic has been helping Kiwi businesses be found in Google and many other search engines internationally since 2005.  Clever digital strategies have been employed through panoptic to ensure New Zealand exporters are being discovered online, and connecting with the world.

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