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online video product placement

Online Video Product Placement

With the popularity of internet television and self made online video productions comes a new wave of product placement opportunities for the savvy marketer. Online video product placement

For the advertiser

Panoptic brings publishers of online video productions and advertisers together, allowing your products to be used in the creation of the most popular online videos.  If you’re interested in having your products available to be used seamlessly in video content watched by millions, then you need to contact panoptic today. We can negotiate the optimal integration based on your business objectives, whilst being able to provide quantifiable and targeted results.

For the online video publisher

Seeking exciting ways to add the latest products and services into your video content?  Are there more credible and natural ways to monetise your online video content without distractive and obtrusive pop up adverts?

Online video product placement from panoptic is the smart way to source the latest services and products for your production- you’ll be surprised at the wide range of brands seeking to spark recognition and credibility from working with great producers. Contact panoptic today to get started.