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Google Adwords Campaign Management

Whether your brand is well known or not, it’s vital to showcase your goods and services to potential customers whom are searching on Google. With 98% of the NZ search market, Google Adwords is the smart choice for pulling quality traffic to your website. Panoptic specialises in managing smarter Google Adwords campaigns, so you can be sure your adverts are reaching your audience for less.

At panoptic, we understand what makes a clever campaign and how to make the most from your budget. We work with you in understanding Google Adwords in actionwhat search phrases are most relevant to your customers, and place measures to understand which phrases convert into sales. We continuously tweak and enhance Google Adwords campaigns to display your adverts to the most relevant audience.

How can we use Google Adwords to calculate our average cost per sale?

Measurability is crucial to understanding which online marketing solutions are working together to drive the best performance.  Ensuring our Adwords and Analytics package’s  are working cohesively with clear metrics and goals can let us calculate our cost per visit, cost per lead or our cost per sale.

Throughout our campaigns, we review the budget spent to understand the quantity of visits, quotes and sales made. For example, if we spent $500.00 on Adwords in May, and received 600 visits, of which 43% requested a quote, and of those quoted 30% purchased, we’d be able to calculate that our…

* Cost Per Visit: $0.83
* Cost Per Quote: $0.51
* Cost Per Sale:  $6.46

Having such a holistic understanding and focus on results can give us the insights necessary as to whether larger budgets can safely be spent on advertising online.  But best of all, this data can be used to negotiate with New Zealand display publishers better banner advertising rates.

Contact panoptic today to find out how you can drive quality sales through our Google Adwords Campaign Management service.